Integration Release: Treefort

November 14, 2023

Did you know that the Law Society of Ontario is changing its client identity verification requirements on Jan 1st?

What does this mean for you? If you’re using Closer, then you’re all set! We are now integrated with Treefort, the gold standard for digital identity technology in Canada. You can now initiate, verify, and manage identity verification for your clients directly from your Closer account.

Now’s your chance to get familiar with our new Treefort integration before the new LSO regulations take effect. As a bonus, all IDVs through Closer have no fee until the end of 2023 (save $25 per)!

About Treefort

Treefort is the leading Canadian provider of multi-factor authentication digital identity technology. Their technology was created by a team of forward-thinking experts in Canadian real estate law to provide safe & secure online transactions for you and your clients.

Each Treefort IDV includes the following:
- government ID authentication
- identity verification using a secure & reliable network of data sources
- a comprehensive risk analysis report for enhanced fraud prevention

Why Choose Treefort?

Made for & in Canada:
With Treefort, your client’s data remains secure inside of Canadian borders at all times. Treefort also supports most common Canadian ID’s including Driver’s License, Passports, Provincial ID’s and even Canadian Permanent Resident Cards.

Created for real estate law:
Treefort was developed by a team of highly-skilled industry veterans. The combined expertise in this space ensures that Treefort's technology is compatible with your workflow and remains compliant with cybersecurity best practices and AML (anti-money laundering) regulations.

Made easy for your clients:
Your clients do not need to download an app and can easily and securely use a variety of web browsers to complete the identity verification process. This process is easy to follow, and step-by-step instructions are available online in almost 30 languages. If additional assistance is required, Treefort's responsive support team is on call 8AM – 8PM, Monday to Friday, Canada-wide.

Industry & security leader:
Treefort was the first multi-factor authentication digital identity technology launched, and continues to push the industry forward with innovative security solutions. Their sophisticated IDV process requires selfies during IDV completion and includes AML (anti-money laundering) screening, making it the most secure tool available today.


With the new Treefort & Closer integration, you’ll be able to:
- initiate identity verification for your client via their preferred method (email or text)
- monitor the status of each IDV request directly from your Closer dashboard
- receive Treefort-certified identity verification and risk analysis reports for each client
- auto-populate your client’s global profile and lender forms with up-to-date ID details
- easily share Treefort reports with other key parties, including title insurers and lenders.
- recover the $25 Treefort fee on your preferred financial statement

Click here to learn more, or jump into Closer to explore the integration.