Revolutionize Your Mortgage Process with Sync by Closer.

Introducing Sync, Closer’s cutting-edge and streamlined system for receiving digital mortgage instructions, requesting funds and sending final reports.

Sync helps manage your mortgages in Closer.

An affordable and modern solution to manage your mortgages in Closer, by Closer.

A Better, More Affordable Way to Process Mortgages Through Leading Canadian Banks

Save time & money with a solution you can depend on from a provider that you trust.

Learn which lenders are compatible with Sync.

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Sync is a time and money saving solution you can depend on

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for Sync directly from Closer’s dashboard. We’ll take you through step-by-step instructions to connect your Closer account to Sync in a few simple steps.

Step 2

Redirect & Upload Mortgage Instructions

We’ll take you through a simplified process to redirect all lender mortgage instructions to your personal fax number. From there, we’ll provide you with flexible options to upload them for digital processing.

Step 3

Add to Your File

Once digitized, add instructions to your files along those from LLC via our revamped mortgage inbox.

Step 4

Digitally Sign & Submit Mortgage Forms

Send auto-filled RFF, Final Reports and supplementary mortgage forms directly from the mortgage pages of your file. Once sent, we’ll confirm receipt of Request for Funds and Final Reports with each lender on your behalf.
Sync is easy to use with 4 simple steps

Free with Closer

Unlimited mortgages, no fees.

Key Features

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Mortgage instructions digitized in Closer.
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Mortgage and lender details auto-populated to your file.
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Status updates on your deals in Closer.
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Streamlined electronic RFF, final report & supplementary document submission process.

Unlimited Mortgages, Absolutely Free

The most affordable mortgage solution on the market for all listed lenders.

Closer made conveyancing simple

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How to Sign Up

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Step-by-step process per lender
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All material necessary to transition services
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Detailed FAQ Sheet

Share information about Sync with your colleagues by downloading this detailed pamplet.
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Our List of Lenders

Access a current list of supported lenders.
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Sign up to access and learn about Sync by Closer. Receive a step-by-step guide of how start receiving instructions.


Do I need to be a Closer customer to use Sync?
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Yes, as Sync has been designed specifically for Closer, an active account is required to enjoy the many benefits of the integration.

Is there a cost to receive mortgage instructions through Sync?
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No, Closer customers can receive digital mortgage instructions free of charge through Sync.

If I currently receive instructions through another service provider, how do I transition to Sync?
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When you enroll to Sync, we'll provide you with clear instructions on how to move your mortgage processing over to Sync.

If I want to switch back to Assyst, do I have to call lenders to let them know?
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Simply contact the Assyst Real Estate team online here ( to re-enroll. There is no need to contact lenders individually.

Can I request payout statements through Sync?
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Although the initial launch of Sync will be focused primarily on processing new instructions, we expect to release support for requesting payout statements in the near future.

Which lenders are compatible with Sync?
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Sync can digitize and processes mortgages for RBC, BMO, CIBC, Simplii, National Bank, Libro, Meridian, Alterna, Nesto, and Motus

Am I able to forward instructions from non-Assyst lenders to be digitized through Sync?
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While Sync will solely support Assyst-based lenders upon initial launch, we do plan to add support for additional lenders in the near future.

Why is there a 15-minute processing time to see instructions in my mortgage inbox?
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After receipt by our team, your mortgage instructions will be transformed to a digital payload in the back end of Sync. For added quality assurance, our mortgage and subject matter experts will confirm the accuracy of your mortgage documents before sending them to your inbox. This entire process takes about 15 minutes.

How many mortgage lender forms are available in Sync?
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We have 100+ published lender forms available within Sync, which will be autofilled based on data within your file.

Can both lawyers and clerks use Sync?
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Yes, both lawyers & clerks can use Sync to upload mortgage instructions and complete lender forms. Lawyers must complete the onboarding steps (under profile settings > integrations) to setup their connection with Sync.

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