Your business should be earned

Let Closer be that refreshing change to your business that you and your team deserve. We'd be honoured to partner with you.

Who we are

We’re a small, diverse team with big dreams. We’re musicians; mixed martial artists; calligraphers and Netflix bingers. We’re humans, not a stock ticker, and we’re here to help you.

What we believe

We believe your business should be earned; not taken for granted. We built Closer to provide you with more choice in conveyancing platforms to power your practice.

How we can help

We’re a passionate group of tech experts who know how to build great software and support our customers with the latest tools. We’re excited and ready to build the future of Canadian conveyancing platforms and we’re digging in for the long haul.

What makes us different?

Computer with a number of browsers hovering over it, indicating Closer can be used with many browsers.
Autosave; system and browser friendly
Cloud with a checkmark indicating cloud storage and cloud-based security.
Cloud-based security and 99.99% uptime
Made by a small team
across Canada
Piggy bank with a hand underneath it.
Self-funded and
privately held
A computer with the profile of a person's head in front of it.
A software company, not a competing lawfirm

Experience the difference.
Close smarter.

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