Retire that F9 key in
favour of real progress.

We developed Closer because we believe the Canadian conveyancing software landscape is in need of a shake up. You deserve to have choice in the technology providers you partner with to run your real estate practice. Let Closer be that refreshing change to your business that you and your team deserve and let's work together to eliminate the complacency that has plagued this sector for years. We'd be honoured to partner with you.

Cloud • Autosave • Chrome • Non-binary client genders

The flexibility, technology and tools to support social progress that you've come to expect in 2021 are finally available to support your real estate practice.

Here’s how we’re different

Made by a small team in Ontario

Self-funded and privately held

A software company - not a competing lawfirm

Designed specifically for Ontario conveyancing

Cloud-based security & 99.99% uptime

Built using cutting-edge technology

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