Prioritize what matters

We know what it feels like to receive last minute mortgage instructions on a day you‘re already tackling 15 closings. Closer helps your team prioritize the work that matters most so you can close and collect on time.

Smart planner

Never miss a deadline again

See a clear view of the work ahead and prioritize accordingly with a daily and weekly view of your upcoming closings and requisitions.

Closer's planner gives you a heads up of incoming work, and organizes it intelligently.

Matter progress

Keep tabs on the matters that need your help with Closer’s intuitive progress bars and status indicators.

Smart search

Closer’s industry-first smart search allows you to search for everything and anything in one window.

Amendment notifications

Received last minute mortgage instructions? Be the first to know with Closer’s in-app notifications.

Collaboration without frustration

Same files, same time, any time

Documents and information are stored in the cloud, so working together is a breeze. Work when you want, how you want, any time you want. Never worry about not having access to the latest data. It’s always at your fingertips. 

One value, zero errors

Set it and forget it

Losing sleep over the accuracy of your trust ledger? Closer has been carefully architected to ensure the data you set or update in one area of the product flows through correctly to interrelated areas.

Smart adjustments

Matters that will bring you joy

Closer works to declutter your matters by removing unnecessary fields and entries once an appropriate property type and associated descriptors are set. Marie Kondo would be proud.


Connect Closer with the industry platforms you rely on

Mortgage Instructions

Process new electronic mortgage instructions from leading lenders with ease.

Title insurance

Complete your title insurance orders right from within Closer.

Title & Writ searches

Leverage Closer's powerful Teranet integration to perform in-app title and writ searches.

Guided Data Intake

Two views are always better than one

Improve the speed and accuracy of your data entry with split-screen views of the APS and commission statement. Electronic copies of these documents are stored directly within each matter for easy reference later.

Document management

Leading the charge with an industry-first split screen view

Tired of having to download your documents just to see small changes you've made? Leverage the industry's first split screen view to edit your documents and preview the changes in real time, without leaving Closer.

Documents templates

Store your favourite document templates and make in-app changes to them at your leisure.

In-app previews

Tired of having to download your documents just to see the changes you've made? Make changes and preview final versions of your documents right within Closer.

Privacy and security

We keep your sensitive information secure with the highest level of encryption available and the power of Google Cloud's industry leading security protocols. 

Anywhere access

Enjoy the flexibility made possible by Closer’s modern tech stack. Access your work from any device, including Macs, as well as any standard browser, including Chrome and Safari. 

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