Prioritize what matters

Closer helps your team prioritize the work that matters most so you can close and collect on time.

A calendar highlighting the 15th. It details that there are 5 closings with a progress bar leading to 100% completed closing.

Digitize files with innovative document management tools

Live document edits

Leverage the industry's first split screen view to edit your documents and preview the changes in real time, without leaving Closer.

In-app preview

Tired of having to download your documents just to see the changes you've made? Make changes and preview final versions of your documents right within Closer.

Document templates

Store your favourite document templates and make changes to them at your leisure.

Work faster and intelligently

Smart planner

See a clear view of the work ahead and prioritize accordingly with a daily and weekly view of your upcoming closings and requisitions.

Smart search

Closer’s intuitive search feature allows you to search for everything and anything in one window.

File progress

Keep tabs on the files that need your help with Closer's intuitive progress bars and status indicators.

Effortlessly sync with platforms you rely on

Mortgage Instructions

Process new electronic mortgage instructions from leading lenders with ease.

Title & Writ Searches

Leverage Closer's powerful Teranet integration to perform in-app title and writ searches.

Title Insurance

Complete your title insurance orders right from within Closer through your preferred provider.

Identity Verification

Access Treefort’s leading digital identity & fraud prevention technology to verify your clients.
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