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Identity Verification Made Easy with Treefort Technologies.

Closer has joined forces with Treefort to provide our customers with an intuitive and powerful virtual Identification verification (IDV) solution with the most secure authentication process on the market.

Access Treefort’s industry-leading digital identity & fraud prevention technology directly within Closer.

Who is Treefort?

Treefort Technologies is a provider of digital identity verification tools, created for lawyers by a team forward-thinking of experts in Canadian real estate law. Treefort makes real trust online a possibility by providing legal professionals with a simple and secure way to remotely identify clients.

"I have been a Closer customer since the beginning. The new integration with Treefort has been easier than I imagined it would be. A few clicks of a button and we are Law Society compliant and the clients are happy. As always Closer staff have been right there with us providing advice and support as required. I’ll continue to use and recommend Closer to anyone."

- Alle Curran from Amin Law Professional Corporation

What can you achieve with Treefort?

Exceeds Law Society client ID rules

Firms can satisfy all three client identity methods with one Treefort IDV (Government Issued ID, Credit File and DualProcess).

Flexible verification options

Firms can turn the AML (anti-money laundering) searches, banking verification and the request for a second ID on or off. This gives you the ability to choose the level of assurance that is the best for any given situation.

Advanced anti-money laundering risk reporting

Treefort’s systems will automatically check whether a client’s name appears on sanctions lists orpolitically exposed persons lists.

Enhanced fraud detection with banking verification (when needed)

Treefort uses advanced verification technology in high risk scenarios.

No app required

Unlike other providers, Treefort’s solution does not require your clients to download an app or create an account to get started. This reduces friction and increases the likelihood of your clients successfully navigating the verification process.

Best-in-Canada customer support

Treefort’s best-in-class customer support is offered in French and English between 9:00 am to 9:00pm ET across Canada.

Treefort reports accepted by all 4 title insurers

Firms can share a Treefort report they have obtained with any title insurance companythat has agreed to accept reports from them, in a secure and privacy-compliant manner. This eliminates the risk of the title insurance company requesting a secondidentity verification on a client.

How does it work?

Step 1

Get Connected

Connect your Closer account to Treefort. No separate account or agreement with Treefort required!

Step 2

Request IDV

Send an identity verification request to clients from the matter or from your IDV Inbox.

Step 3

Clients Complete IDV

Your clients will receive your IDV request via email or SMS. They’ll be prompted to input the required information and ID details to the secure Treefort portal. Once complete, Treefort will verify their information against a network of secure and trusted data sources.

Step 4

Verify Clients

Receive Treefort-certified identity verification and a comprehensive risk analysis report for each client. Review and verify the returned IDV report, or flag for further investigation.

Step 5

Sync IDV Details

Automatically sync your client’s IDV data to their client profile, and autofill ID details on your matter. Share IDV information with lenders through LLC or through Closer-generated mortgage forms.

Step 6

Recoup IDV Fees

Upon the successful generation of an IDV report for a client, Closer automatically sends the corresponding $25 fee to your preferred financial statement.

Step 7

Manage & Share Reports

Conveniently access all previous IDV reports from your dashboard. You’ll have the ability to view and download reports to save to your firm’s internal records, and provide copies to title insurance providers.

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Learn More About Treefort

Check out our resources to learn more about our partnership with Treefort.

Treefort resources

Completing an IDV Request

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8 easy steps
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5 minutes to complete

Completing an IDV Request

Learn the differences between compliance, fraud, and AML (Anti Money Laundering) standards and when you need to follow up with your clients.

Identity Verification Comparisons

Compare Treefort with competitor identity verification tools.


How much does each IDV Report Cost?
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Completely free from now until Mar 31, 2024. After that each IDV request is billed at $25, and is automatically sent to your Statement of Account as a disbursement to allow for cost recovery.

How does the billing work for IDV requests?
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Charges for IDV reports will be billed directly from us (LawLabs) alongside regular file charges. Please note that all IDV charges are tied to the file they originated from to aid reconciliation activities.

If a client fails to complete an IDV request, do I still get billed?
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No, you will only be billed for an IDV report if your client successfully completes the end-to-end IDV request and a report is generated.

How do I get started with Treefort?
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The entire experience is handled through Closer, without the need for Treefort credentials or a dedicated agreement with them. Simply enter a client record to launch your first IDV request!

Do IDV reports expire?
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Yes, each IDV report is valid for one year from the time of generation.

Can I use the same IDV report across multiple files?
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Yes, as each report is saved on the respective client’s profile, you can use the same report on subsequent files for as long as the report remains valid.

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