Product Release: Sync by Closer

April 11, 2024

Mortgage Processing with Sync: The Affordable Digital Mortgage Solution for Ontario Lawyers

Closer proudly announces the launch of Sync, a powerful mortgage processing platform fully integrated with the Closer conveyancing software. Learn about the Sync journey; why it was made and how it works. 

Become a part of the revolution by taking back control of your mortgage instructions.

Answering the Call for Industry Change

Since its inception in 2022, Closer has pursued its mission to disrupt the status quo through effective, technology-driven conveyancing solutions that propel the industry forward. Sync stands as a testament to this mission.

Sync was developed in record time as a direct response to the pending changes to the accessibility and increase in pricing of mortgage instructions in Ontario that were coming into effect at the beginning of 2024. Ignited into immediate action, the Closer team employed an all-hands-on-deck approach to bring an alternative option to market for their valued customers. 

About the Sync Mortgage Solution

Sync by Closer is an industry game-changer, as the first-to-market affordable digital mortgage platform that supports all top non-LLC lenders across Ontario. Sync provides effortless mortgage processing, end-to-end in Closer, with a seamless and intuitive in-file workflow.

A Snapshot of Sync’s Key Features

With Sync, firms gain access to brand new mortgage features within Closer, including the ability to

Fair Pricing, Exceptional Solution

Sync is free for all Closer customers; that’s $69 saved with each Sync mortgage! Firm in its $0 price point, the Sync mortgage platform is the most cost-effective solution that Ontario law firms can access.

Charting the Future: Our Plans for Sync

Sync has been officially launched as a comprehensive mortgage solution within Closer. Our enduring vision for Sync involves a continual rollout of new features aimed at further enhancing and streamlining the mortgage process. The committed team behind Closer is actively engaged in ongoing development efforts, anticipating the release of further innovations within the Sync platform throughout the foreseeable future.

About Closer

Closer is a flexible and modern conveyancing tool currently available to real estate law firms across Ontario. Combining advanced technology with legal expertise, Closer offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates every aspect of the conveyancing process.

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