Feature Release: Soluno Accounting Exports

April 4, 2024

Introducing Soluno Partnership: Revolutionizing Accounting for Law Firms with Closer

We are thrilled to unveil our latest partnership with Soluno, marking a significant milestone in enhancing the capabilities of Closer. This partnership brings seamless accounting functionality to our platform, empowering law firms to streamline their financial processes effortlessly. By facilitating the direct export of financial data from Closer to Soluno, we are revolutionizing the way legal professionals manage their accounting tasks.

About Soluno

Soluno is a comprehensive accounting and billing suite specifically tailored for law firms. Its intuitive cloud-based solution simplifies legal billing and accounting by consolidating essential functions into one user-friendly interface. With Soluno, law firms can efficiently handle their financial tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency throughout the process.

Enhanced Accounting Capabilities

With the partnership of Soluno and Closer, law firms can now enjoy a host of enhanced accounting capabilities.

Export Accounting Data: Easily export your accounting details from Closer in a file format compatible with Soluno (.txt), facilitating seamless data transfer between platforms.

Import Financial Data: Quickly import financial information into Soluno using the exported files from Closer, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Generate Statements of Account: Print professional-grade Statements of Account as PDFs directly from Closer, allowing for easy sharing with clients and record keeping.

Improved File Transparency: Gain better insight into your accounting processes with print and export timestamps, enhancing accountability and traceability.

How It Works

Enabling Soluno: Within your business settings in Closer, simply select Soluno as your preferred accounting platform and configure your accounting export file identifier.

One-Time Accounting Code Set-Up: Configure your accounting codes by uploading general ledger account and activity code files from Soluno into Closer, ensuring seamless synchronization between platforms.

Export Accounting Details: Access the Accounting page within Closer to download your Statement of Account, then export fees and disbursements as separate files.

Upload to Soluno: Navigate to Soluno and effortlessly import the accounting files into their respective sections.


Unlock the full potential of Closer’s enhanced features without incurring any additional costs. We are committed to ensuring that your investment yields the utmost value by providing you with advanced functionalities at the same fair price. Experience the added benefits and optimize your workflow efficiency without stretching your budget.

About Closer

Closer stands as a versatile and modern conveyancing tool designed to empower lawyers and law clerks. With features such as live document edits, in-app previews, document templates, smart planner, and file progress tracking, Closer revolutionizes legal workflow management. Our platform seamlessly integrates with essential tools and services relied upon by legal professionals, including mortgage instructions, title searches, title insurance, and identity verification.

Join us in exploring the Soluno accounting export feature within Closer today and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks to come! With Closer and Soluno, the future of legal accounting is brighter than ever before. Enjoy the power of this new partnership to elevate your firm's financial efficiency and productivity.

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