Feature Release: Buyer Commissions

June 3, 2024

New Feature: Buyer Commissions

We are thrilled to announce the addition of new commissions functionality to the Closer conveyancing software. Ontario conveyancers can now seamlessly add buyer commissions to your sale files in Closer. No more tedious workarounds—law clerks will save time on their deals with the brand-new commissions functionality.


At Closer, our focus is on bringing new features that make the conveyancing workflow easier and more efficient for the Ontario law firms that we serve. The newest commissions update enables our customers to include buyer commissions in their sale files with ease.

How It Works

Starting today, our customers can take advantage of these enhanced commissions features in Closer:

About Closer

Closer stands as a versatile and modern conveyancing tool designed to empower lawyers and law clerks. With features such as live document edits, in-app previews, document templates, smart planner, and file progress tracking, Closer revolutionizes legal workflow management. Our platform seamlessly integrates with essential tools and services relied upon by legal professionals, including mortgage instructions, title searches, title insurance, and identity verification.

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