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We’re LawLabs, the team behind Closer, a new kind of conveyancing software. We make conveyancing simple, intuitive, and human.

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Image of the smart calendar. the 15th is selected, and details like appointments, closings, and requisitions are seen floating around the calendar to indicate the information you can view.

Smart planner

See a clear view of the work ahead and prioritize accordingly with a daily and weekly view of your upcoming closings and requisitions.
An example of the Editor and Live Viewer. The Editor being on the left and the Viewer being on the right. It shows an example of a document titled "Statement."

Live document edits

Upload your custom templates, make changes and preview final versions of your documents all within the comfort of Closer.

Guided data intake

Improve the speed and accuracy of your data entry with Closer’s unique dual screen CPS intake experience.
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Prepare documents with ease

Closer has an industry-first split-screen view for real-time editing.

Choose from our templates or customize your own. You'll save time on the paperwork to focus on what matters.


Focus on what matters most

Intelligent views for your daily, weekly & monthly workload
Intuitive status indicators that help you keep track of file completions.
Smart notifications that remind you when you've got other things to think about.


Work together from anywhere

Autosave capabilities, cloud technology and cross-browser support ensure that you and your team can collaborate from anywhere, even if you can’t be together.

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We are really impressed by the quality of Closer along with its fair pricing. It's also backed by a team that provides professional and courteous customer service at all times!

Jingkun Dong, student-at-law

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